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Purple Up USA

Celebrating Military Children Everywhere

In 1986, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger established April as the Month of the Military Child. While military installations have regularly celebrated the Month of the Military Child, we recognize that there are communities out there that may not know of this initiative or have ideas on how to show their support for the military child. It is the goal of Purple Up USA to celebrate the military child and raise awareness about these wonderful children.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to Celebrate the Military Child today and EVERYDAY! 

We are a volunteer staff of former military members, spouses of military members, parents of military children, educators of military children, and advocates for military children who came together to form this organization to celebrate the military child and by sharing resources and information that support them. We support other established organizations that offer services and resources for the military child. We are all in this together with the overall goal to bring recognition and support to the military child. 

What We Do

Promote the Needs of the Military Child

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Participate in Area Events to Celebrate the Military Child

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Share the Great Things Other Organizations are Doing!

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"Military kids are like dandelions. They bloom wherever they are planted."

Contact Purple Up USA

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